About Nepal

Nepal is a sandwich country between two big country China and India with its rich culture, nature and spiritual heritage. Nepal is the ultimate choice for premier holiday destination. There are no more inspiring place in the world than this Himalayan kingdom, which offers a myriad of possibilities of leisure and adventure destination from short and easy walking excursions to the more demanding and strenuous challenges of snowy peaks with their foothills and deep valleys. With easy or moderate trekking or strenuous and adventurous expeditions to choose from, there is something for everyone who wants to hike through hills and valleys or scale the heights of snow-capped mountains. Whatever you decide on, you can be sure to experience the awe-inspiring natural beauty and cultural riches of this tiny Himalayan kingdom.

The country Nepal is not only known as the home of Himalayas. The country is home to mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world with a height of 8848m. Nepal is the birth place of lord Buddha and home to amazing bio diversity and multi climatic zone. Nepal is a country known for temples, monasteries, stupas, Gumbas and other cultural & spiritual heritage.




Location Situated between Tibetan Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China in the north and India in the South, East and West.
Area 147,181 Sq. Km
Longitudes 80° and 89°E
Latitudes 26° and 31°N
Capital Kathmandu
Population 27 million (approx)
People Nepal has more than 101 ethnic groups and 92 identified spoken languages
Language Nepali is the official language of Nepal.
Political-System Federal Republic of Nepal.
Time Zone 5 hours 45 minutes ahead of GMT and 15 minutes ahead of Indian Standard Time
National Bird Impean Pheasant (Danfe)
National Flower Rhododendron- Arboreum (Lali Gurans)
Religion Main religion of Nepal is Hinduism. However Buddhism, Islam and Christian religions arefollowed by some people. All religions even in minority have co-existed amicably in Nepal forages.
Vegetation Most outstanding bio-diversity in the world, ranging from sub-tropical Rain-forests to Alpine deserts
Weather Climate ranges from Tropical in the lowlands to arctic higher altitudes
Monsoon June to August. However, most of the northern belts of Trans-Himalayan Zones are in the rain-shadow which provides rain free trekking.


Facts about Nepal

  • Nepal is home to highest mountain peak in the world (Mount Everest 8848m)
  • The deepest river gorge in the world called Kali Gandaki River.
  • The highest lake on earth called Tilicho Tal at 4919m.
  • The birthplace of Lord Buddha (Lumbini).
  • World highest paddy field in Jumla.
  • The only non-rectangular flag in the world.
  • The best place in the world to study Tibetan Buddha.
  • Kathmandu the capital city with as many idols as men and as many temples as houses.
  • A hotel in Everest National park at an altitude of 3870m, claimed to be the highest deluxe hotel in the world called Hotel Everest View.