Camping Treks in Nepal

The camping trek is a great way to get close with Mother Nature. Camping in the high mountain terrain surrounded by nature and sky filled with twinkling stars will give you a great opportunity to experience camping trek in Nepal. As the name suggests, in this kind of trek the trekkers camp for the night by setting up tents. A support team which includes guides, cooks, kitchen helper, Sherpas and porters accompany the trekkers.

The support team is responsible for logistics and carrying of the personal effects of the trekkers and other goods (fuel, food, trekking gears etc) while the trekkers carry only light-weight things that they need along with their valuable things.

These types of treks are operated mainly in “non-tourist” areas where the flows of tourists/trekkers are relatively thin and therefore they offer a complete isolation from the modern world. However, if the trekkers are interested for this type of trek, we can organize camping trek in “tourist” regions too.