Nepal is planning to cut climbing fees for Everest and many other high Himalayan peaks. This new policy comes in a hope of attracting more mountaineers. However many people are concerned about the overcrowding of Mount Everest in the climbing season. The government is set to cut the license fees for climbing Everest from $US25,000 to $US11,000 ($28,000 to $12,000) from next year.

Having said that the cost of group expeditions to climb Everest is set to go up in a bid to curb the formation of big climbing groups and to decrease rising tensions on Everest during high climbing season.

At present a group with seven members have to pay USD70,000 but under the new rule a group of seven climbers will have to pays USD77,000.

After new fees structure is implemented, individual climbers trying to climb 8000m peaks will be charged $1800 as opposed to current high fee of USD5000.