Patan City Tour

We have designed Lalitpur city tour so that you can visit the most significant places in Patan city in a day. We will arrange a professional city guide with this package so that you get to know about the importance and historic background of each place you visit in this Tour. The main attraction of Lalitpur city tour includes Patan durbar square, Khokana, Kirtipur city and Chobhar.

Patan: Patan Darbar square is also known as “the city of fine arts”, which was founded in 299 A.D. Historic records shows that it is the oldest of all three cities inside the Kathmandu valley. This ancient city is well known for its diverse medieval culture. The main attraction of Lalitpur city tour includes various temples like Krishna Mandir, Bhimsen Temple and Vishwanath Temple.

Entry fees Rs. 500 for foreigners and Rs. 150 for SAARC countries

Khokana: Khokana is famous for its production of mustard oil. It is a traditional Newar town eight kilometers south of Kathmandu (on the outskirts of Patan) and has its own illustrious past. The town itself is unique and most of the old homes there was built using old pagodas style. It is a great village to visit if you want to known about the old lifestyle of Kathmandu valley settlers.

Kritipur City: The town is very famous in Nepalese history because it fought the invading Gorkha army of King Prithivi Narayan Shah bravely – three times. The city lies 5 Km. south of Kathmandu. A historic and traditional human settlement city with great view of city and north and east Himalayan ranges.

Chobhar gorge: The small picturesque village of Chobhar over looking the Bagmati River is just 6 kilometer south of Kathmandu city. The Chobhar Gorge has a great historic significance. Legend has it that the gorge was carved out by a mighty blow of the sword by Manjushree who wanted to drain the lake that filled Kathmandu Valley in ancient times. Even today, this is the place through which the Valley’s waters exit through the hills.


Stated price is for group size of two people Price negotiable for group size more than 5


Kathmandu city

View of Kathmandu city and Swyambhu


Bagh Bhairav at Kirtipur

Temple of Bagh Bhairav at Kirtipur