Rolwaling Trek

West of the Khumhu, directly on the Tibetan frontier there is a wild, lonely high valley the “Rolwaling” which is called simply “the grave” by the indigenous Sherpa’s on account of its location – buried down between steep ice-giants. Many mysterious stories have been passed on about this valley. There are three factors which have helped to preserve this splendid valley from the ravaging onslaught of tourists. First of all it is relatively arduous to get there at all, secondly there are neither lodgings nor food to buy, and third you need a special permit to be allowed to hike into Rolwaling.

Day 1
Kathmandu to Charikot-Dolakha: (1860m).
Day 2
Dolakha to Biguti: (900m)
Day 3
Biguti to Surey Dovan: (1024m)
Day 4
Surey Dovan to Jagat: (1400m)
Day 5
Jagat to Simigaon: (1996m)
Day 6
Simigaon to Kelchey (3000m)
Day 7
Kelchey to Beding (3693m)
Day 8
Beding (rest for the day)
Day 9
Beding to Nagaon (4183m)
Day 10
Nagaon to Tso Rolpa (4500m)
Day 11
Tso Rolpa to Tolumbhu Buka (4800m)
Day 12
Tolumbhu Buka to Thengpo (4302m) cross Trashi Lapacha pass( 5755m)
Day 13
Thengpo to Khumjung (3600m)
Day 14
Khumjung to Namche Bazar (3440m)
Day 15
Namche Bazar (rest for the day)
Day 16
Namche Bazar to Phakding (2650m)
Day 17
Phakdingma to Lukla (2840m)
Day 18
Lukla to Kathmandu

You must purchase – pro-forma – a climbing permit for the Ramdung Peak (5.925 m) regardless of whether or not you want to climb the mountain. Rolwaling trek takes you through dense, gloomy primeval forests and over broad ridge backs with wonderful views. The southern summit, Gauri (literally: “the white”) is a synonym for the feminine manifestation of the god. The last human lodgings of the valley you can find in Na, which is located about three hours’ distance from Beding. From here you have an overwhelming view of the mountain-giants Chekigo (6.735m), Bamongo (6.400 m), Kang Nachugo (6.735 m), and above all, Tsoboje (6,689 m).


Starting Point Dolakha
 Ending Point  Lukla
 Longitude  86° 02′ – 86° 45′
 Latitude  27° 40′ – 27° 58′
 Altitude Range  1860m to 5755m
 Difficulty  Very strenuous
 Trek Type  Camping
 Size of group  Minimum 2 people


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